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This copy of our rental agreement is for reference purpose only and may not be used or issued for use to rent our vacation rentals by anyone other than ALOHA HALE RENTAL MANAGEMENT LLC / ALOHA BEACH RENTALS HAWAII.


Aloha Renters

We at Sunset Ha`le are happy you have chosen our vacation rental for your family or group getaway. As Sunset hale will be you home away from home for the period you are renting. We have a few things that we need to explain while you are staying with us.
Check-in is at 3PM. If you have a later arrival in Honolulu door codes can be issued over the phone. I will stop in the following day and Meet and Greet. My cell number is 808-347-1210
Door- Codes are issued on check-in day. We try to meet each group on check in day... Sunset Ha`le is a multi unit property. .Each unit rented has a maximum occupancy allowed (see occupancy in your RA).

Visitors to your rental unit are allowed during day time house and until 11pm. Visitors should not exceed more than ½ your allowed occupancy of your rental unit at any one time. Occupancy to each unit or in the case the property is rented to one group, total occupancies is listed in the Rental agreement. Large gatherings or Parties are prohibited (unless approved in advance by ABR Management).We reserve the right to cancel you rental agreement immediately if an unapproved party of large gatherings is brought to our attention by our neighbors during your rental period. 

Evening Noise level: is to a kept to a minimum after 10PM and evening entertaining should end by 11pm, so not to upset the neighbors.

Common side of the property: The left side of the house facing the ocean is the common area to be used by all renters. The hot and cold outdoor shower is located on the common side of the house, beach chairs are stored on the common side for all renters to use. The common area is to be kept clear of all personal items. Please keep your personal belongings on your decks Storage can be found under each deck for things like (surfboards, SUPs, board bags, paddles, and other large item Mahalo.

Parking: We have limited parking on our property. We have (3) on property Parking stalls for Units B1, B2 & B3 each have one stall directly in front of the rental in the gravel parking area. There are (2) additional parking spots along KeNui Road directly in front of our property. Ke Nui road is public so we advise that you use these 2 spots for any additional parking whenever possible. Please do not park your car or have Visitors Park in front of our neighbor's homes along Ke Nui road MAHALO.
The Trash: Trashcans for units B1and B2 are on the right side along the fence out by the access road
(Ke Nui road), in the gravel parking area to be used for house hold rubbish only. All trash including recycleables (Plastic and Glass) are to be deposited in the Green trash cans. Costco grocery boxes need to be broken down before putting them in the trash cans.
SURFBOARD BOARD BOXES, BROKEN SURFBOARDS ARE NOT TO BE PUT INTO THE RUBBISH CANS). LARGE TRASH LIKE BOARD BOXES AND BROKEN BOARDS, must be taken to the local dump.Our city dump is a short drive from the rental on the way to Haleiwa town. (The Kawaailoa Dump on Kawailoa road)
Lights: Please try to turn off all outside light during the day. We ask when possible to conserve energy by turning off room lights and fans when away from the house for long periods of time.
BEACH CHAIRS; must be returned to their assigned area next to the rental units after use. We ask that they be taken off the beach nightly
FIRES ON THE BEACH: Are not legal by the City and County of Honolulu. (High winds can cause fires to get out of control smoke can effect neighboring houses). It is our policy not to encourage building of fires on the beach. Nothing should be brought on to the beach to make a fire Un-burned debris /coals) from fires need to be removed from the beach and placed in the trash. Failure to comply can affect you security deposit returns.
direct beach access from the back of Sunset Hale may be restricted or (closed) for all units, if we feel it is unsafe to access the beach from our property before you rental period of during your rental period.
The Sunset Beach area along Ke Nui Road can be affected by costal beach erosion or sand movement due to large surf which effects all the propertied that sit ocean front along Ke Nui road.
We reserve the right without notice to close the beach access and restrict all guest and visitors from accessing the beach from Sunset Hale. Direct beach access would be available at Sunset Beach park. _________________Inital
CHECK- OUT is at 10:00 AM (Late check outs are not offered due to our cleaning schedules dates are booked in advance and cannot be canceled without additional cost)
Please be sure to check for any items that you may be left under beds or in closets, you do not need to wash any bed linen or towels before you leave. Please empty the trash cans from the Kitchen before leaving. Dirty Dishes are to be put in the dishwasher, and turned it on No soap needed. (We ask you do this to help in preventing unwanted bugs from being attracted to the Units). Housekeeping will wash all the dishes again.
Remove all food items from the refrigerator and pantry. Unwanted food can be left and our housekeeper will either take them home or it will be distributed to our local homeless shelters.
While renting please do not re-arrange the furniture or beds. Inside furniture or bedding is not to be taken outside for any reason or moved from its original location in the rental unit. If the house keeper has to move furniture back to its original placement we reserve the right to collect additional fees charged by housekeeping from your Security deposit. Please close all windows and turn off all lights and fans. Lock the doors when you leave. If there is anything you do not understand and need us to explain pleases call while you're in Hawaii call 808-347-1210 or email me before you arrive.
We hope you enjoy your stay at Sunset Hale

Aloha Ha`le Rental Management LLC
DBA, Aloha Beach Rentals

Office Address
59-750 Kanalani Place
Haleiwa, Hawaii 96712
Ph# 808-347-1210

This lease agreement ("Agreement"), is entered into by and between Aloha Beach Rentals ("Lessor") and the lessee"),for the vacation renta unit (?)
By signing this Agreement, I agree to abide by the conditions set forth in this Agreement and all policies and rules set forth by Lessor. I further understand and agree that to breach any items contained within this Agreement will result in my eviction without refund. I understand that Lessor has made every effort to provide accurate information; however, in the event of errors, omissions, or in the case of any changes by Lessor, I agree not to hold Lessor responsible or liable.
I understand and agree to all the following:
1) OCCUPANCY. Occupancy to Unit B(/) The rate is based on a OCCUPANCY of

(  ) Guest. Commence on a daily basis starting on 0/0/2016 to 0/0/2016 total nights (/ NIGHTS). Check in 3;00 PM or later Check-out is at 10:00 AM . Any changes to check in or check outs times must be preapproved by Aloha Beach Rentals in writing before arrival date.
2) RESERVATION DEPOSIT of $500.00 is a non-refundable Deposit used for holding a reservation and is collected as part of the total cost shown in this rental agreement. In the case your arrival date is more than 60 days from the origination date of this rental agreement contract (RA), we will require you to post a $500 Reservation Deposit. The balance will be due 60 days before your arrival date. Your due dates are shown in section #3.
If you your arrival date is less than 60 days from the origination date payment in full will be due by the payment due date shown in section #3. Any cancelation of this rental agreement once signed and returned to ABR will constitute the loss of the Reservation Deposit.(See section #8 for all Cancelation terms and conditions).
The signed rental agreement must be returned as a PDF file to by the due date in section #3. We reserve the right to cancel our rental agreement and all it terms and conditions if the (RA) is not returned by the due date along with all payments due by the due date shown in Section #3
In the case of any payments paid by check, or electronic transfers (PAYPAL), do not clear our bank, Lessor reserves the right to cancel the reservations and this rental agreement contract without notice.
3) TOTAL AMOUNTS DUE. Total amounts due to Lessor are as follows FINAL PAYMENT DUE DATE 0/0/2016
An excel invoice showing the total cost of the Rental including the nightly rate , Taxs , cleaning fees, damage protection fee and the refundable Security Deposit 

(This is a sample invoice for a 7 night stay at the listed rate to show how we charge and what fees we collect)

Check in 0/0/2017 3:00 PM Check out 0/0/2017 10:00 AM 
Total days of stay (7) Nights/per night $400.00 Total-- $2,800.00 
Hawaii room tax 9.25% STATE OF HAWAII------------------$259.00 
Hawaii General excise Tax 4.712% STATE OF HAWAII-----$131.94 
Cleaning Charge $220.00 Per units rented---------------- $220.00 
Hawaii General excise Tax 4.712% On Cleaning---------  $10.37 
Damage Protection $59.00---------------------------------- $59.00 
                                                       RENTAL SUB TOTAL $3,480.30 
Security Deposit $250.00 REFUNDABLE
SEE RA FOR TERMS & CONDITIONS-------------------------$250.00 
                                                                                                                      TOTALS $3,730.30

All preapproved payments by checks are payable to Aloha Beach Rentals. Mail to 59-750 KANALANI PL HALEIWA ,HAWAII ,96712
All payments and Rental agreement are to be sent overnight by FedEx, or Express US Mail to insure payment has been received on time.4) TOTAL AMOUNTS DUE, including taxes, cleaning fees, security deposit, and any and all ETF fees goods or services set forth herein, must be received by Lessor by the due date of the(RA) shown in Section #3 or within sixty(60) days prior to the arrival date. With preapproved by Aloha Beach Rentals, payments may paid by way of personal check or by Bank to Bank Electronic transfer of funds. A $30.00 handling fee will be charged for all returned checks. For reservations made less then (60) days prior to check to, the entirety of the total rent, cleaning fees and taxes are immediately due. ALL RENT, SECURITY DEPOSIT, CLEANING FEES AND TAXES MUST BE PAID IN FULL PRIOR TO CHECK IN. I understand that my reservation may be canceled if the balance of the rent owing has not been received 60 days prior to the check-in date or by the due date shown in section #3, in wherein any prepayments including the Reservation Deposit shall be forfeited and be non-refundable. LESSEE 

5) RULES, REGULATIONS, POLICIES. By signing this Agreement, I certify that I have read, understand, and abide by all rules. Policies, regulations of lessor and the Property. These rules, policies and customs are set forth herein or provided herewith. I agree to immediately vacate Property upon demand for any violations of any of these rules, policies and regulations.

6) MANDATORY EVACATIONS. If state or local authorities order a mandatory evacuation of any area that includes the property, I shall comply with the order and evacuate the property upon being notified, and return all keys to the Property to the Lessor. Furthermore I agree not to return to the Property after the mandatory evacuation order has been lifted without consent from Lessor. The Lessor will attempt to keep the Lessee's apprised of evacuation orders by local government however it is the Lessee's responsibility.

7) SECURITY DEPOSIT. The security deposit may be applied to pay for fees to and from Aloha Beach Rentals, that are associated with collecting of deposits ,rents, ETF fees, the cancelation of prebooked Cleaning Schedule for the rental unit stated in this rental agreement, due to unapproved late check-out by the Lessee or guest of the lessee listed or not listed in the(RA). Any refunds having to do with renting of Sunset Hale and also in the case of actual damages and loss of furnishings to the rental unit caused by Lessee or guest of the Lessee as permitted by law and will not be applied to any unpaid rent. In addition, Lessor may deduct from the security deposit the amount of any unpaid long distance phone charges and cable or satellite television charges that are not specifically described in this Agreement (RA) as being included with the Property. Aloha Beach Rentals shall apply, account for, or refund Lessee's security deposit within 14 days following the end of the tenancy. Furthermore, as Lessee, I agree to pay all damages, fees or bills and assume financial responsibility for losses to property or contents, or services generated by or during my occupancy that exceed the amount of the security deposit or cannot be withheld from the security deposit.
8) CANCELATION. In the event of a cancellation by the Lessee, the RESERVATION DEPOSIT Payment shall be forfeited and be non-refundable.
In the event the cancellation occurs within Forty-five (60) days prior to check in date the total amount of the rent paid shall be forfeited. Lessor reserves the right not to refund if the Lessee cancels this rental agreement Forty-five days before the arrival date. Subletting of this rental agreement is prohibited.
8b) CANCELATION BY LESSOR. In the case property is rendered unfit for occupy due to unforeseen complications or natural causes. If lessor deems that the property or rental unit or units are unfit to occupy due to unforeseen complications or natural cause and is unable to repair or return the rental unit or units fit to rental conditions, Lessor has the right to cancel this agreement. Lessee agrees to indemnify and hold harmless lessor from and against any liability due to cancelation. Lessor will refund all moneys collected and return it to lessee with in 24hrs or less.
Lessor will due its best to assist lessee in finding equal accommodations.
cancel a reservations with a 60 day notice in the case of sale or change of property static.
Lessee agrees to indemnify and hold harmless lessor from and against any liability due to cancelation.
IN THE CASE OF SALE OF PROPERTY OR CHANGE IN PROPERTY STATIC Lessor will honor all reservations 60 days from the sale of property. All moneys collected for the rental period of this contract by lessor, AKA (RISING SON LLC) will be refunded by company check only. Moneys will be refunded within 5 working days of the cancelation notice date.
9) MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY AND PARTIES: Maximum Occupancy of each rented unit is shown in the occupancy section of this rental agreement and specified dates are shown in Paragraph 1. Any additional persons occupying the unit without written consent from the lessor, this rental agreement can be terminated and additional charges of seventy five dollars ($75.00) per person per night can be collected from the security deposit for having more people than the occupancy states in this rental agreement.
All persons names and age class will be required to be listed on the rental information section .Day or night time visitors to the Lessor's property may not exceed double the Maximum Occupancy of this rental agreement at any giving time. OVER NIGHT STAYS BY VISITORS ARE NOT PERMITTED. NO PARTIES OR ANIMALS are allowed by Lessee or visitors. SMOKING is prohibited inside the rental units. Violations of these terms without the express written consent of Lessor will result in the immediate eviction and violation of the Agreement. Lessor reserves the right to immediately terminate or reject rental, without refund, if Lessee has violated these policies or it is determined, in Lessor's sole discretion, that lessee and /or Lessee's visitors are detrimental to the Property.
10. NO ASSIGNMENTS OR SUBLET. Assignment or sublet of this Agreement is expressly
11. DAMAGES TO PREMISES : In the event of damages exceeding normal wear and tear to the Property during the term of the Occupancy by Lessee, cost of the damages will be assessed and become the responsibility of Lessee. Such damages shall be paid within 10 days after notice by the Lessor. In the event that the Property is unable to be rented during the time of repair of the damages caused by Lessee or Lessee's visitors, loss of rental revenue at the rate of Daily rental will also be assessed and become the responsibility of Lessee 

12 Damage Protection fee: a fee of $59.00 is collected and used to purchase damage protection insurance. The protection value of the policy is up to $1,500 dollars for accidental damages or loss during the rental period. The security deposit may also be use to cover loss or damages that may not qualify under the damage protection policy
Aloha Beach Rentals(ABR) in no way is acting as an insurance agent for the rented all
policies are purchased on behalf of the renters by ABR. Renter may choose post a $3000 cash security deposit, and waive the $59.00 damage protection fee
Lessee agrees to indemnify and hold harmless lessor from and against any liability for personal injury or property damage sustained by any person (including Lessee's visitors or guest), as a result of any cause, unless caused by the negligent or willful act of Lessor. Lessee agrees that Lessor or their representatives may enter the Property during reasonable hours to inspect the Property, to make such repairs, alterations or improvements thereto as lessor may deem appropriate. Furthermore, Agent reserves the right to enter the Property at ant time to inspect for, suspected over occupancy, parties or pets, which are strictly prohibited.
14. ATTORNEY'S FEES. In any legal action brought by either party to enforce the terms hereof or relating to the rental premises, the prevailing party shall be entitled to all cost incurred in connection with such action, including a reasonable attorney's fees.
15. WAIVER. The failure of Lessor to enforce any term of this Agreement shall not be deemed a waiver. The acceptance of rent of by Lessor shall not waive his right to enforce ant term hereof.
16. LEGALLY BINDING. Lessee agrees to abide and fulfill all parts of these Agreements, all additional policies, rules, regulations and addenda to this Agreement, and furthermore agrees that it is a legally binding agreement, either in whole or in part. If Lessee dose not understand any portion of this Agreement, they should consult their attorney. All parties agree that in the event of a dispute, the agreement will be interpreted in accordance with Hawaii law...
17. Special Notice. Due to seasonal beach front erosion that can occur to beach front properties along KeNui Road at Sunset beach from large surf, direct beach access to and from our beach front property at can be closed off during your rental period.
If management deems that it is a safety to use our beach access, direct beach access from our property can be closed without notice for all 3 units at Sunset Hale.
Direct beach access is available approximately 100'feet from our property, at the City and County Sunset Beach Park.

By my signature, I acknowledge that I read and agree to abide by the conditions set forth in this rental agreement and all policies, regulations, and rules set forth by Lessor. I further understand and agree that to breach any items contained within the above referenced documents will result in my eviction without refund. I understand that Lessor has made every effort to provide accurate information, however, in the event of errors, omissions, any changes by Lessor, I agree not to hold Lessor liable.