How to make a reservation with Aloha Beach Rentals

Please be advised, we do not use the HomeAway or VRBO’s Book It Now feature from our listings on or for our vacation rental properties
We work directly with our customers and use PayPal to process all payments for our vacation rental business.
PayPal is the most secure online payment processing company for domestic & international online sales and purchases. If you do not have a PayPal account, PayPal will walk you through the process at no cost for opening an account it is simple and easy.
Sunset Hale is a 3 unit ocean front property we advertise on both
Unit B1 Listing # 204482
Unit B2 Listing # 137880
Unit B3 Listing # 657425

Alani Cottage is advertised on
Alani Cottage #10832
Once you have reviewed our reply, if you would like to make a reservation at one of our advertised rental units with Aloha Beach Rentals, please reply from our email sent to you through VRBO or asking we issue a  Rental Agreement contract (RA).
We will issue you a invoice from our PayPal account attached to the invoice will be your Rental Agreement it will be sent directly to your email address inbox.

Both the PayPal invoice and our Rental Agreement (RA) will need to be processed within 24 hours of it date of issue.
You will need to print out the Rental Agreement (RA) that has been sent to you attached to the PayPal invoice. Please read the RA over carefully, if you agree with all the terms and conditions of our rental agreement, fill out the information page sign and initial where the (RA) had been highlighted, and return the Rental Agreement (RA) as a PDF file to alohabeachrentals 

Your invoice will show a PayPal fee that we collect as a processing fee. This fee is charged by PayPal for processing of the Electronic Funds Transfer.
PayPal Electronic Funds Transfer fees are shown below
1) PayPal processes all major credit cards
Fees charged for customers within the contentnal USA is  (3.12%)
Fees charged for International customers outside the USA is (4.12%)

We would like to thank you for offering us your business and hope to hear back from you if you have any questions please let us know .Mahalo
Aloha Beach Rentals
Fred Patacchia Sr
808  347 1210




2017 RATES 

Sunset Hale 

Uint B1 Ocean front $400.00 per night, for maximum occupancy of (5) Guest  

Unit B2 Ocean front $400.00 per night, maximum occupancy (5) Guest

Unit B3 is not an ocean view unit $275.00 per night, maximum occupancy (4) Guest

Alani Cottage $275.00 per night maximum occupancy (4) Guest

Approved Additional Guest Fee $50.00 per night

Additional Fees Collected
State Of Hawaii taxes are collected 
Transient Accommodation Tax rate 9.25%
General Excise rate 4.712%
Cleaning Fee $230.36
Damage Protection Fee $59.00
Refundable Security Deposit $250.00